All about bricks

No siding gives a more prominent feeling of warmth, solidness and rate than brick. While brick is more expensive compared to other sidings, the benefits it offers makes it most people choice.

Unlike other building materials, brickwork does not require regular cleaning or painting because it doesn’t decay, get blurs, peels or melts. With the use of brick, you don’t have to worry about replacing a wall section or using your saving to repaint after some years.

Indubitably houses built with brick are stronger and less expensive that those built with blocks.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using bricks

Natural Energy Sufficient

The ability of a material to stock heat and deplete slowly is known as thermal mass. The brick has thermal mass and this is why you don’t feel the heat when in houses built with brick compared with blocks. Blocks aren’t made with thermal mass and therefore it can store heat and it will take a very long time to release it.

Fire Protection

Brick is made of clay and generally, it is known as a non-combustible material which is good at confining fire breakage. This is one of the reasons why you should consider brick over blocks. Block are not made with non-combustible materials and when exposed to greater heat, it has every tendency to crack and collapse.


Buildings constructed with brick are stronger and last for years compared to other built with blocks. You don’t have to worry about cracks because it can withstand heat and can never be eaten up by termites.

For those who their site is located in a noisy and populated area, using brick is a wise choice because it can filter the noise by absorbing it.

Made of Essential Materials.

Bricks are made from common materials known as clay and shale. These materials will pass through a process in the kiln of about 20000 degrees known as vitrification. This is why the brick turns out to be a strong and enduring material.

Unlike blocks that are joined together by cement, bricks are fused together during the process of vitrification and different colors can be injected based on the owner specification before setting.

Wind Protection

Due to the nature and quality of the materials bricks are made from, they have the ability to stand against storm and the wind. This is why most insurance companies’ gives advice to people to build their house with bricks because it has proven to be a shelter from the storm compared to other building sidings.

Zero maintenance and durability.

Bricks require little maintenance. You don’t any cause to worry about maintenance if your house is built with bricks. For those who have their pavement made of bricks, you can easily wash them with water and detergent using a scrubbing brush.


The use of brick to build houses, pavement and construction buildings isn’t new, it has been for years. Although bricks are more expensive than blocks but with the benefits of bricks listed above, it’s worth investing your money into.





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