Which Brush is the Right One for Me?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

If you find just the right hairbrush, you’ll find a pal that will stick with you for a long time, through many perfect combings and bad hair days. It’s important to pick the right one because, by design, there are different kinds of brushes for different styles of hair. They come in different shapes, sizes and bristles. Just one more decision for the modern person to make!

What Kinds of Brushes Are There?

There’s an array of brushes available, so it isn’t possible to list all of them here. However, the most common ones and their purposes are mentioned below.

You may have noticed long and thin brushes that resemble a toothbrush. That’s a teasing brush. It’s one you want to use to finish your style or give the hair some height.

Then there’s the detangling brush which – no points for guessing – is used to detangle unruly bits of hair. Most people find themselves becoming very familiar with this one, as it is probably the most used. It also has capped ends on the bristles that help stimulate the scalp.

The vent brush is the brush you want if you’ve got dry hair that’s prone to frizz. However, it isn’t suited for those with curls, as they can get caught up in the bristles. Great for fine hair.

The paddle brush is another indispensable tool. The large surface area makes it ideal for long, thick hair and it speed ups the drying process. Use it gently with damaged hair.

There’s no shortage in the resources available on the web that will tell you more about brushes and reviewed products as well, such as brushedstraight.com.

Is This All Really Necessary?

Well, if you’d like to keep your hair, or at the very least keep it healthy, then yes. The quality of human hair shows an incredible degree of uniqueness, which is the reason why various brushes have designed. If you have dry and tough hair, you’re not going to want to use large combs with a dense arrangement of bristles. That’s the idea in a nutshell. You can also ask your stylist for his or her opinion on what to use.

It’s not a point you’ll want to neglect, because the most guilty culprit for hair degradation is poor maintenance.

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