How Can You Become Famous on Instagram?

So, you want to become popular on Instagram? Great! After all, it comes with a host of benefits from the possibility of becoming an influencer to making more sales. Make no mistake though; it is going to take more than wishful thinking to get the numbers behind you. It takes work to become famous on Instagram; real work. These tips will help you set the ball rolling.

Use a Marketing Service

At times, it takes the expert input to get you the followers. You should, therefore, consider using a paid marketing service to help map out your plan. And many companies are offering these services. You’ll only need to make sure that the service you plan to use has proven itself already and has a track record to show for it. On that note, visit to read more about Famoid, a social media service that claims to help people and brands increase their presence and engagement on Instagram.

Try Out Different Hashtags

Instagram is the home of hashtags. Potential followers aren’t just browsing your profile but also looking for cool, fresh content. Thus, if you want your posts to appear among the top ones you need to be flexible with your hashtags. Be sure to review your hashtags a few hours after posting. Did any of them make it to the top posts section? If not, you could be using overly popular or too broad tags. In short, keep testing your hashtags to know which ones work for your brand and which ones don’t. That way, your rise to the top will be quicker.

Track Your Competition

You have to know what you are up against in your quest to become famous on Instagram. The idea is to understand your competitor’s profile, how they are interacting with their audience, and the type of content they’re posting. That way, you can come up with better material that’ll get you noticed. Or, you can use the opportunity to collaborate with your competition in a way that’ll be helpful to your brand.

The Bottom Line

These are not the only strategies you can use to become popular on Instagram. Others include creating a compelling bio using the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action) concept. Also, make sure that your theme is unique. Finally, generate content that will make followers fall in love with you and your brand. And just like that, you’ll be on your way to becoming famous on Instagram.

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