How Gigi Hadid Keeps Herself Beautiful

Fashion model Gigi Hadid is a much sought-after celebrity in Hollywood. The beauty, born and raised in Hollywood is a model of repute. Modelling is her passion. She is a natural beauty and very laid back when it comes to her looks. Today we look at how she keeps herself healthy and beautiful.

Hair Washing

Gigi advises not to wash your hair on a daily basis. Washing hair each day makes it dry, and it loses the natural oils that it has, making it easy to break and get damaged. Instead of doing this each day, give your hair a break so that the natural oils can keep it smooth and supple.

Use Natural Remedies

Instead of running to the beauty shop each time to get the solution to some skin issues such as pimples, use natural remedies. For instance, she still uses toothpaste on pimples to dry them up overnight, and then peels it off in the morning – works like a charm.

Don’t Mess with Your Eyebrows’ natural Shape

Reshaping eyebrows seem to be the trend these days, but each face comes with a natural shape, and the eyebrows are made to suit your face. So, keep them natural and stay unique.

Keep it simple

Simple always does the trick. Don’t overdo anything in the hope that it will make you look more glamorous than ever. Instead, make sure you keep everything simple and straightforward so that you enjoy life.

Travel with Wipes

Cleansing wipes have become the mainstay in any woman’s handbag. Times come when you need to wash, and there is nowhere that you can do it. Instead of looking for a bathroom, find a dustbin, grab your wipes from the bag and proceed to clean up your face, then dispose of the used wipes in the bin.

Always Exfoliate

Your lips also accumulate dead skin as you go about your daily business. When this happens, they can crack and spoil your look. What you need to do each time is to exfoliate the lips to remove any dead skin so that they remain soft and plump.

The Bottom-line

You don’t have to do so much to look glamorous. Being beautiful is all about taking the simple steps to make sure you are looking great at all times. For instance, take time to wash your face once in a while so that you remove any oils that have clogged up your pores. For more tips, go right here to nail the Gigi look.

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