The Hair Style Dictates the Tool to Choose

The hair industry is vast, and it keeps on expanding. Each manufacturer looks for ways to make their products better. One of the latest gadgets to grace the market is the hot air brush, which is an all-round tool that combines the round brush and hair dryer in one.

The hot air brush, however, shouldn’t replace your hair dryer because it doesn’t come with the capabilities to dry wet hair fully and efficiently. You need to dry the hair until it is 75 – 80 percent before you use the hot air brush.

One thing that many users get mistaken when it comes to using a hot air brush is that it is not meant to make the curly hair straight. Instead, it is ideal for smoothing or adding gentle curls to your straight hair.

How Should You Use the Hot Air Brush?

The perfect hot air brush from Brushed Straight is designed to help you enjoy the experience. It is light enough for easier handling and designed with you in mind. However, you need to take some time to master the use of this tool. With enough time and frequent use, you can easily get an amazing blowout using this tool.

When does it Work Best

This tool works best if you sport short or shoulder-length hair. You also get the best results if your hair is fine in texture. However, the versatility of the tool makes it easy to use even for kinky hair, as long as you prepare it for the task ahead.

Different Types of Hot Air Brushes

You need to choose a hot air brush from the different types available. These include:

  • Rotating hot air brush use a rotating brush head and is ideal if you desire more volume.
  • Stationary hot air brushes have a fixed brush, meaning you have to roll it in order o brush the hair.
  • Hot air brushes with spinning feature work like the rotating brush.
  • Dual rotation hot air brushes use bidirectional buttons so that you set them to spin either way. This makes then convenient for both right-handed and left-handed users. Also makes it easy to use them on both sides of the head.
  • Brushes with interchangeable heads use one dryer unit but several brush attachments.

In Closing

Make sure you understand what you need to style the kind of hair you have. Choose the right tool for the task.

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