Making Your Lipstick Last All Day Long

In stressful and important situations you definitely don’t want to have a lipstick that will smudge and look inappropriate! Luckily, there are some things you should know and you can do in order to make a lipstick resistant to almost anything. It will stay on the lips the entire day or night and it will look fabulous.

The first thing you should remember is that you must have a well-made and high-end lipstick, some type as Lovely Lips explains here. Using a poor-quality lipstick is something you should avoid at all cost. Now when you know this, we can move to the steps you will have to do.


  1. The first thing you must remember and the first step here is that your lips must be hydrated through the day and night. If they are damp, you won’t be able to make this work. Use Vaseline in order to make this work.
  2. Concealer is used as a primer to make your lips, suitable for a lipstick. It is a must in this case and doesn’t afraid to use it a few times before you put a lipstick on.
  3. A lip liner must be used next. The main goal is to make your lips look perfect and to conceal irregularities. However, this step is also important because it will make lipstick more resistant to possible issues.
  4. Use a lip brush in order to apply the color. Then, use a tissue or a towel in order to remove the excess of the color.
  5. Apply the translucent powder and then apply the last layer of color again.

These steps actually work and they are commonly used by stylists. A few years ago, this was the biggest secret in the fashion industry. Even today, more than 60% of women don’t use these tips.

More sophisticated alternative

As usual, there is an alternative. Here, it is known as long-wearing lipsticks. They are the most modern and the most advanced type of lipsticks, which made them extremely popular nowadays.

The main advantage is the fact they will stay on your lips, no matter what you do. In essence, it is possible to have a kiss, drink and eat and a lipstick will stay where it should be. Try to remember that there are a lot of different colors and shades. We will add the fact that they are preferable for longer usages.

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