How I Started & Exploded My Online Business in 6 Months

Explosive Growth Business

When I started my online business I literally went from $0 to $20000 / revenue per month in only six months time and today I am going to explain to you how I did that.

It all started at the Warrior Forum about six years ago, the place was amazing popular among everyone that wanted to make money online and there was a ton of competitors. When I just started I hardly made any sales, only once in two weeks that someone made a purchase.

It was only when I started to read some of the blog posts at Income Artist that I knew I was doing something wrong. Their main takeaway point was that I had to engage more with my perspective/potential customers so I started to post like a wild man on this forum, in the beginning, I asked some stupid questions and clinched with some other members and decided that’s not the way to do it.

Then I started to help others instead with my new gained knowledge, I took the effort to answer noobs that asked silly questions and people started to see me as a very helpful person, not that those noobs had the budget to buy my services but my likes/thanks count increased and so did my post count and soon I was mingling into discussions with the regulars and slowly earned their respect.

At that point, people started to see me as an expert but they didn’t know what I was selling, the next trick is one that very few apply. Show them what you sell without shoving it up their face. Instead of just one sales thread I created a dozen sales threads and bumped them aggressively. This resulted in regular comments and when a person who doesn’t visit the sales section clicks on my profile to see what else I have to share, they do see all those active sales threads without them ever visiting the classified section.

This was the key point for me to make tons of sales and before I knew it I flew to Thailand to live a happy and peaceful life, made sure I set up a solid organization structure so I could actually enjoy my life and had a great time.

Point of this story, if you truly want something you can accomplish it and don’t let others tell you that you can’t, will power and persistence is all it takes to make it in the real world.

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