Three Free Video Editing Software You Need to Know

If you have a PC with Microsoft Windows or you own an iMac or Macbook, these devices have pre-installed video editing software. For devices with Windows, the software bears the name Windows Movie Maker. For Macs, it is called iMovie. Even so, based on the skill set you possess and the purpose for creating your videos, you may want to explore other options for video editing apart from the ones mentioned above.

Fortunately, several video editing options exist, which you can explore for every type of videos you would like to create. Besides, they are free. Whether you are out to produce a super simple video for the social media, or you want to create a Hollywood-level set, here are top three options to explore.

Machete Video Editor Lite

This is the simplest version of video editing software. You can use it to trim, copy, and paste various parts of your video. It is essential for a quick edit of video files. With a natural interface, you can apply it easily without consulting the technical support. Besides, it does not re-encode the video during editing, so the quality is retained. The major downside to the software is that it only works with AVI or WMV formats. It does not edit audios but is great for amateur video editors. You can visit this website for more video editing options.


Like the Machete Video Editor Lite, this software is meant for basic video editing. While it cannot edit audios, you can use it for simple video editing in a wide range of formats such as MPEG, DVD, MP4, QuickTime, and more. It comes with various fillers, which can help you flip and rotate your videos, add subtitles, and adjust color and brightness level.


This program of video editing is cloud-based. As such, you can only access it using a browser, instead of direct downloads. Unlike the two programs mentioned previously, WeVideo comes with more advanced features including commercial music and the ability to edit audios. However, it also has its share of drawbacks. First, you only have 5GB of cloud storage space. This might be suitable for a one-off video, but for multiple files, you need more storage space. Secondly, WeVideo program comes with a watermark, which it leaves on your clips and many people would not like that. You can get a full breakdown of WeVideo’s subscriptions from their pricing page.

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