Tips for Smart Twitter Automation Strategy

Twitter is a popular platform for budding businesses to roll out their online marketing strategy. However, unlike other platforms, its demanding nature makes it difficult to manage. You must be outspoken on Twitter by posting fresh and compelling content multiple times in a day. That means you must dedicate a good amount of time for that purpose.

Unfortunately, most small businesses lack the manpower to keep their online strategy alive. As a result, there has been an increased reliance on automation tools, which, if used in a smart way can be invaluable to your brand’s online strategy. Hence, before you subscribe to the Best Twitter Bot & Liker in 2018 for Auto Followers, Auto Likes, & Retweets, here are a few tips on how to automate your account in a smart manner.

Avoid a robotic presence online

There is no doubt that automation frees up valuable time and relieves you of the tedious and repetitive tasks. However, the one mistake you should avoid at all cost is simplifying everything by automating every aspect of your online engagement. To build lasting, productive, and trustworthy relationships, a human touch is paramount.

You can only earn the loyalty and respect of your customers by actively interacting with them at a personal level. Thus, by pushing too many automated updates and messages, you risk ruining your brand’s image.

Use the right tools

When selecting your bot, keep in mind Twitter’s terms of use with regard to automation.  Remember that a violation of these rules could easily get your account banned. Therefore, look for automation tools that can drive your online strategy without draining the life out of your brand’s legitimacy.

Considering that twitter requires you to post a number of times a day, look for a bot that can achieve this without making your account appear too robotic. A good tool should only allow you to schedule and update simple posts and leave the more detailed messages to you.

Maintain your Brand Identity

Before automating your account, see to it that you establish a strong brand personality through active engagement. Your automation strategy should be consistent with that image and all other aspects of your account. In simple terms, your brand identity should be reflected or characterized by your bot activity.

That means that there shouldn’t be a huge disparity between your real posts and your automated posts. Otherwise, you will raise eyebrows and your customers will know your account is automated.

Overall, you need to find the right balance between automation and active engagement. That way, your account will retain the important human touch. You can create a schedule to help you determine when it’s important to create personalized posts or when to interact actively with your customers. At the end of the day, automation is not a substitute for interactive engagement.

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