Waffle Maker Buying Guide

Finding a good waffle recipe is quite easy, but finding the suitable waffle maker is a totally different matter. There are different styles and designs of waffle makers that the selection may make anyone confused.

There are waffle makers that are good for making homemade waffles on slow and relaxing weekends, while there are designs that can be used for cooking waffles in bulks. The waffle maker for you should be one that can supply you with the waffles on the amount and speed that you need, as well as on the kind of waffle you prefer.

Belgian Waffle Maker and Traditional-Style Waffle Maker

There are two basic types of waffle makers; the Belgian and the Traditional. By far, the Belgian waffle maker is considered as today’s popular type, especially for people who like their waffles thick. Belgian waffle makers are great for making tender and fresh waffles that can be added with cool whip, syrup or fresh fruits. If you like your waffles on the classy side and if you like to experiment with your food presentation, this is the type of waffle maker that you should be on the lookout for.

The main benefits of Belgian waffle makers are: choice of either round or square shaped plate; choice of either one that makes single or multiple waffles at a time; choice of either non-stick surface or stainless steel plate. One good tip is to get the non-stick surface waffle maker as this is the type that is easy to clean.

The traditional waffle maker, on the other hand is the most common option of people who like making several waffles at the same time and then freezing most for later use. This is also the type of waffle maker that is usually chosen by people who like their waffles thin and crispy, like the kinds that can be bought frozen.

Just like the Belgian waffle makers, traditional waffle makers come in different designs like, square, mini circles, stick shape (like French toast stick) and heart shape. With this type of waffle maker, you have the option to choose the design that can yield either two or four waffles at a time. If you really want to make several waffles at the same time, you can also get a traditional design that can cook up to eight waffles simultaneously. There is just one problem with this type of waffle maker though; they are not easy to clean. Unlike the Belgian type that can be easily cleaned whether it has stainless steel or non-stick plate, a traditional waffle maker has small tiny grooves that can be time-consuming to clean up.

One important thing to keep in mind when buying waffle maker is to know what type would suit your family best. Also, it is a good idea to know where to get the best type, like at the http://www.deliciouswafflemakers.com/.