Water main break repairs

Water mains have to be checked out regularly for water main breaks. They are caused by severe weather conditions, aging and being struck by the impact of heavy equipment. This is often the case when a road is being constructed. The ground often shifts when it is overly dry or wet, this can cause breaks wrapping around the diameter of the pipe. Sudden pressure fluctuations can cause the mains to break. Aging causes lateral breaks that follow the outline of the pipe. When a water main breaks it can cause a lot of harm when it is not addressed with immediacy. It can compromise the quality of water a given population will use.

When the repair of a break is taking place, it is appropriate to temporarily shut down the water supply for the time work is going on to restore it. Normal procedure would be to isolate the pipe by shutting off the valves near the water main brake. All other utilities in the area are identified so that they are not ruined. Construction equipment is then brought to remove the ground that covers the pipe. A pump is accompanied so that it removes water from the dug trench. Repair works begin when the pipe has been exposed.

During the repair process, many substances and impurities could find their way and so when the pipe has been restored, it is disinfected, cleaned and flushed thoroughly before it is reconnected to the water system. A hydrant is opened so that it flushes air and debris from the pipe. Failure to do this will expose users of after to water-borne diseases. For large mains, it can take a bit of time for the water to be flowing at the standard pressure. Customers would need to be patient for normal water services to resume. When the repairs are done, the earth that covered the mains is backfilled and the site is patched up. The common practice of crews who repair water mains would be to enable for the quick resumption of services. Counter measures are taken to supply water to areas which have been affected by the water main break. Mechanisms like a hose feed would be used for that purpose.

However, after repairs, one will notice discoloration in their water, this is not uncommon and running the water for a couple of minutes will eventually give way to the pure water. A new water mains will have an odor about it after it has been replaced which is normal and It is not harmful to health. Sometimes depending on the enormity of the repair works, water will resume with sediments, it is advisable to let the water run for a few minutes so that it can flush the pipes. To prevent clogging of sediments one should remove the aerators of their sinks until the water is clear gain.

Water man breaks ruin landscaping plans and platforms. They can damage roads and pose a danger to children. So the repair crews should be given the benefit of time and thoroughness to ensure that no further damage is caused to the rest of the pipe.